What you will need to know about furniture Frequently Asked Questions

Care tips and guidelines

How do I care for my furniture and what products should I use?

Guiding principle

Please always pay careful attention to the detailed product information, usage, cleaning and care instructions and also the manufacturer’s instructions on the product!

We would like you to enjoy our furniture for a long time. No warranty is given for damage caused by incorrect handling or the use of the wrong care materials. This also applies to subsequent stain proofing of fabrics or leather using external products, and extends to the private living area. Do not put hot, heavy, sharp-edged or damp objects onto high-quality furniture surfaces, since this will cause pressure points or marks. Spilled acidic liquids such as fruit juice and alcohol must be dabbed off immediately and are not allowed to penetrate. Never rub the affected area using a great deal of pressure. Tobacco smoke, kitchen fumes and the effects of the environment leave their traces. In order to keep furniture in good condition for a long time, please clean your upholstery furniture on a regular basis.

Leather cover

For most of our furniture, we use original Longlife leather by W.SCHILLIG. This leather has high lightfastness, easy-care properties and offers all-round protection against grease, food and drink stains, if its surface is refreshed two or three times a year with appropriate care set.

Fabric covers

General care tips: To remove smaller stains, cleaning accessories found in every household are sufficient: calcium-free/distilled water, neutral soap or mild detergent and a cotton cloth or soft sponge. Please clean the stain from the outer edges to the centre in a circular motion without using much pressure so that no edges remain. Heavy soiling must be cleaned immediately and professionally with a special care product.

Microfibre cover

All our microfibres are treated with stain protection which repels everyday liquids and household dirt.
Important: When soiled – whether a stain or everyday soiling – always clean the furniture immediately! Over time, furniture with a microfibre cover will obtain a patina. This is a typical characteristic of the product and no reason for complaint.

To remove smaller stains, cleaning accessories found in every household are sufficient: calcium-free/distilled water, neutral soap or mild detergent and a cotton cloth or soft sponge. Please clean the stain from the outer edges to the centre in a circular motion without using much pressure so that no edges remain. Heavy soiling must be cleaned immediately and professionally with a special care product. 

Any warranty becomes invalid if care products not recommended by the manufacturer are used.

What are the different grades in leather quality?

Natural aniline leather

Natural aniline leather is the highest quality leather, but also the most sensitive to soiling and light. Since it does not have any pigmentation whatsoever, all natural features and structural differences are visible. It remains naturally soft, warm and cosy and provides a pleasant seat climate. It is breathing, absorbs moisture and then gives it off again. The colours have a natural attractiveness, and the leather has a velvety, sophisticated sheen.

Refined aniline leather

Refined aniline leather has an extremely fine superficial colour application in comparison to natural aniline leather, which reduces the colour differences in the leather without affecting the warmth, cosiness and breathing activity thereof. The characteristics of natural leather are retained.

Slightly pigmented semi-aniline leather

Slightly pigmented semi-aniline leather is a good compromise between naturalness and ease of care. The leather is only superficially pigmented and therefore retains its natural softness. However, the Longlife protection from W.SCHILLIG makes it significantly less sensitive to soiling. Colour differences are minimised, and natural features are less visible than with natural leather. The light fastness is increased. The leather is warm and kind to the skin.

Pigmented leather

Pigmented leather is extremely family friendly, robust and hardwearing. Because of its stronger colour application, it has fewer natural characteristics but still has a pleasant feel. It is extremely easy to look after and is insensitive to normal household soiling. The colour is even and the light fastness is outstanding.

Should I file a complaint if my leather furniture has minor flaws on its surface?


Leather is a natural product and as such is subject to nature’s moods. No human is identical and no bull or cow is exactly like the rest of the herd. Each piece of leather furniture is unique. You will find injuries from:

  • horns
  • scars
  • insect bites alongside
  • individual skin structures
  • colours

Our covered Longlife leathers are furnished with a protection layer, and the surface is additionally covered with pigments, giving the leather a largely consistent look. Natural characteristics are barely visible on these leathers.

The semi-aniline leathers in our collection have only a thin layer of pigment. So, the overall look is uniform, yet natural characteristics are still visible. All our leathers are protected and the surface closed, so that small wrinkles, scars etc. do not lessen the quality of the product.

Visible natural characteristics are therefore no reason for a complaint.
On the contrary: they prove that you have purchased genuine, high quality leather.

Quality certificate furniture

Is a cover made of leather cold?

It might be true that leather feels colder than fabric at first contact. But this impression disappears within a few seconds after the air between the fibres and the individual cells has warmed up.

Leather adapts quickly and individually to the ambient room temperature and the body temperature of its owner, hence becoming just as pleasant as fabric within a few seconds.

What advantage does leather have?

Leather – a natural product

Foremost, leather is very popular as a furniture cover because it is a natural product with many great attributes. The skin used stays soft and breathable even after tanning. Today’s new, modern leather covers adapt to body heat faster than in the past. In addition, most leathers are robust, easy to clean and have high lightfastness.
Of course, the luxurious look of a W.SCHILLIG suite or corner bench in leather is also important. W.SCHILLIG offers high quality Longlife leather in many different qualities and in a wide range of colours.

Why are some leathers much more expensive than others?

Quality of the rawhide

The price of leather depends on the quality of the rawhide used. If a hide has many flaws, insect bites, brand marks etc., it can only be used if the surface is largely covered with colour pigments. Although these flaws are not quality defects, they just do not look very nice. These leathers are prevalent on the market, because many animals show a lot of natural characteristics.

What advantage does microfibre have over other fabrics?

The characteristics of microfibre are:

  • high durability and toughness
  • breathability
  • brilliant colour
  • an incomparably pleasant touch

Microfibre is woven from fibres that are 200 times finer than wool, thus achieving noticeable superiority over other fabric covers.

Surface Protection

Microfibre is treated with a surface protection that prevents everyday liquids and typical household dirt from even getting into the weave – as long as the stain or spot is quickly and carefully removed by dabbing it off or by treating it with a special cleaning agent. The care instructions recommended in the product information should be followed. The warranty becomes invalid if unsuitable care products are used, or if stain protection products from third parties are subsequently applied.


When treated correctly, microfibre has higher resistance to normal wear and tear than other fabric covers due to its technical qualities, especially its higher fabric density.

Non-colourfast textiles

Denims leave colour attritions

In the case of light fabric or leather coverings, discolourations caused by non-colourfast textiles occasionally occur, e. g. by dark denims. If denims still leave colour attritions on the covering material after several washes, it is obviously the case of a defect in the clothing material and is not caused by the quality of the upholstery material.

Complaints of this type can, therefore, not be accepted.

How is an upholstered suite constructed?

How furniture is created?

At W.SCHILLIG, almost all furniture has coil springs in the seat. Only the best materials are used, e.g. hardwood in all supporting parts, high quality foams in the seat and back, and fittings made of metal.

How furniture is created?

What can be the measurement tolerance after production?

Directions for measurements

With a nominal size of up to 150 cm (width, depth, height), the tolerance may not exceed 2 cm; when larger than 150 cm, not more than 2,5 cm.

Width/depth/height/seat height – directions for measurements

Unfortunately there are again and again misunderstandings with regards to the measurements. In order to avoid insecurities or possible trouble, please note the following: All specified dimensions are approximate in width/depth/height/seat height. These are single measurements per element, this means that the whole combinations shows the real measurement. We would like to point out that deviations of +/- 2 cm may occur because of the foam used and its upholstering. In addition, the whole combination must be measured, not only the single type/element.

Please contact us if you would like to get more detailed information. We reserve the right to make technical changes.

How to measure properly?