Philosophy Upholstered furniture for living in perfection.

»How people think and live, that is how they build and dwell«
- Johann Gottfried von Herder -

When the initial thrill is met by years of enjoyment, it's not the result of compromise. It is the result of our ambition to integrate lasting luxury into all W.SCHILLIG sofas, chairs, seating groups and ergonomically advanced furniture. For there is one issue that is particularly important to our family: You and your individual needs!

Knowing that by selecting our products you invite us to be a defining element of your daily life for many years to come, we strive to create objects worthy of your investment. Here, people design furniture for people, and first class workmanship is the top priority for our trained staff. Above all, it’s the incomparable seat comfort of a W.SCHILLIG piece that counts. It’s what we place special value on. In combination with the most modern production and computer technology we place great emphasis on the craftsmanship and ability of our team. We carefully select the finest materials: Leather and fabrics that indulge your senses,  supported by construction elements that ensure long-lasting luxury. With an artful palette of shapes and colors, we give you the  opportunity to customize your tastes and needs. In everything we do, we are dedicated to creating furniture for your home that is beautiful, functional, reliable and luxuriously comfortable.