Much space for individuality.

The options differ from the armparts to the seam finish to the furniture legs. »SHERRY«  appears flexible and conforms perfectly to the priorities of its owner. Therefore, this unique piece is outstanding and and will convince you with regards to its speical comfort.


perfection in detail


Feature Info
flexible headrest The items can be equipped with a step-by-step headrest height adjustment function for surcharge
different and flexible armparts The model is available with different armparts. Armpart "SB" has an adjustment for surcharge.
two looks Finishing with double seam or piping. Please specify when ordering. Decorative seams may vary depending on the cover.
metal legs Some legs can be ordered in highgloss chrome-, silver, bronze- or black-coloured. Please indicate when ordering.
two comforts in seating This model is available in different seat comforts. Basic comfort is for firm and stable seating, Soft comfort is for modern, trendy and softer seating.