Modern and functional

The elegant seat depth adjustment is as standard at this model. Various pillows can bei placed invitingly and sensibly. The angled metal leg can be ordered in different metal shades.



perfection in details


Feature Info
Contrasting thread The model is produced with a flat-fell seam in fabrics. In leather cover it has a special cross-stitched seam.
A contrasting coloured thread is available for no surcharge in leather cover and some fabric colours.
Seat depth Every item with the term “L” and K110R/L have a movable back support for some centimeters backwards
to extend the seat depth (except corner elements). Also the total depth changes.
Headrest Flexible plug-in headrest.
Eye-catcher The beautiful, cubic armparts of the model provide an interesting look. The armpart pillow can be placed here.
Metal colours legs Standard metal leg.

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